YOWO Scholarship Slam

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I can't remember what I did last week Once I finish it, it's gone. Must clean. Must take care of the dogs. Schoolwork. Balance. What balance? What is balance? Take a break, sit down, try to add some value to the scramble.
Sweet kisses he steals, under the midnight sun.
Basketball is a beautiful sport. It is fun to play And fun to watch.
You gave it away embrace fully, intimately, emotionally. You got what you thought you’ve craved, wanted, anticipated for so long. After it’s all done, you ask yourself, what’s left of me?
I am hurting. I wonder why no one cares that I am hurt. I hear nothing but dead silence. I see the darkest of blood running down my arms and legs. I am hurting.   I pretend to be okay.
Red and white litters the ground. Footsteps make no sound. In this month of April. Upon this secluded hill. Underneath a golden tree. Looking at you searching for me. A quiet breeze that whispers.
  True love is a four-leaf clover Similar to all the rest Yet delightfully different Beside the next. Hard to find and
  Hundreds of children All yelling with glee Come running inside With much to see. I sit here, Scared and alone,
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