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whistle my entire existence is contingent upon
The culture believes if sh
"SLUT!" They shout in my direction. The hallway grows hushed as they await the reaction from me, Me, the gay whore who slept with 4 guys Or was it 5?  I cant remember nowadays.
They whistle and howl Am I just a piece of meat? Faster, wolves devour   Note to Reader: I am a woman. I expect to able to walk down the street and not fear for my safety. I am a woman.
War on Women  
she wanted to look sexy,so she put on a cherry red mini skirt,with flesh-colored pantyhose,a black halter top with tiny sparkles on it.the shoes she chose were ruby and high-heeled.
I will not be satisfied  until I can leave my home wearing whatever I please whenever I please and not be worried about who I may provoke.    I will not be satisfied until I know
You turn me on.Is that how it works?Flipped on and offLike a light switch.That easy.But wait,Isn't my switchSupposed to be taped down?In our sexual society
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