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He was only eight, so why'd they give him so much hate? He shouldn't be crying because someone called him a "pansy" or a "fairy"- especially when he barely knows his own body.
really miss the old times and cant let go, my life is lost, you can be my bloody knife i can be the blade in your hand but we can never let go, my life long ago was about living but now i will only think about you in hell so my life long ago told
one cold night this girl was always alone, she would tear apart at midnight she would run outside  an bang her head on the wall she would run down the hall she would play ball but purposly hurt her self with the ball, in the morning she would slee
If you want to show me your love is real, don't say that you'll die to protect me, just stay alive & be her with me. If you leave Ill be heart broken nothing to live for. Do you want me to hurt just as bad as you?
You never know how somebody feels on the inside Dealing with all the built up stuff they hide That fake smile wears off after a while So its simple words as help That can make a person glow
Can you see it? The hatred, the abuse? She doesn’t show it But what’s the use? People will say it’s for “attention” Throw her against the wall Threaten her to mention Because they fear to fall
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