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  I will love you  Like my love is the air  Your lungs so long for Its because I love you that I fight, I fight to heal your deepest wounds  I fight to Bring you light  To pick you up and 
What were you designed to look like? Looking at your self, in that dirty mirrior. Don't forget to bring make up with you to school, it wears of by lunch. How  were you designed to feel?
Every person is born with an empty canvas.   From a young age she showed promise She learned addition and subtraction when she was just 5 years old, Her times table when she was 6.
Red Carpets, traveling, inspiration, and clothing.....All the percts of being a fashion designer. FASHION is me! I love every ounce of it.
The scenery around us is full of perfume and desperation. Individuals enter the school halls with hidden feelings and failing fears. Make shift masks are our uniforms.
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