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You told me you loved me, and I believed you.
A Red and Blue birdIntermingle in front of A gray scale sky.The same molten sky thatPreviously owned my mindsetYet this new introductionOf color shocks my system.And a stream of clarity Courses through my veins.Although the backdropStill haunts my
And I'm lying there on the ground alone My heart is slowing down And my blood is growing cold But then He reaches for me and whispers in my ear My child. There is nothing to fear. Am I not the Healer -
Hold me down, Like an anchor You keep me at bay, Save me from the dark waves That try to pull me under Secret caves, You're the light that directs Me to the safehaven,
Screaming at the top of your lungsBlasting the speakers all the way upEvery emotion in every songIt's impossible to get enoughMelodies of understandingLyrics sing the truthMusic filled with feeling
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