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Studying Muddying Sipping my cup of joe Working so hard until The dead of night. Thanks to my work, I’ve no Availability It is so challenging Staying upright.   Tickity Tockity
From cold ashes, the Phoenix rises From discarded marble, David, From clang of pipes, Symphony From rot of seed, Sequoia From acid and heat, Gold From bone-crushing pressure, Diamond
Who is most infallible? Perhaps it is Alexander the Great, The man who owned the world, Feared by all Subject to none.   After 4 years I too will take the world by storm,
Well I'm lost. Even with all the love I did find, doubts sometimes arise in my mind. Well I'm lost. Wondering if you can help me find
  Matter under mind
timeflieswhenyou’rehavingfunbut time stops. when you’re in love. Everything else chan-ges. (promises fade) …. the past rearranges.
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