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Dear Shyness You with your Hesitance and Fearfulness I've got Courage, Strong as this Shell You'll be sent straight back to Hell   Dear Shame You with your Guilt and Blame
Step... Step... Step... Look now! What Have We Here? By God, it's a Turtle! Taking her First Steps! Shyly, Hesitantly, and on Wobbly Legs Could You Ever Believe She Could Step Out of Her Shell At Long Last?
Who am I? Why am I here? What should I strive for? How will I know when I’ve achieved success?
I am strong and free, I wonder if society will ever change, I hear the voices of my past,
Mommy and daddy, we were the perfect family. Except there was no daddy back in the day. Mommy had enough of it, but daddy was always out of it. Picture perfect family, there's only one person in the picture daddy never wanted.
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