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If you change, will you be judged? Is this you're ultimate fate? People don't comprehend what life can hold. It is full of beauty, as well as sincere people. But, it is also full of darkness and people who are dishonest.
if you walk behind me just to talk if thats what you're like take a walk iv been dealing with people like you for quite some time i cant help that im quite but inside my ryhmes  im able to let loose
 She is the all seeing and all knowing.     She is relentless and revengeful.     She comes and goes. 
Punishment for sin, Air filled with the din; Hellfire and brimstone, Now for sins to atone: Dies irae, dies illa.
"The water flows between my fingersmy hair entangles amidst my crooked nails and moist ridges within my skin.a cry of weakness shatters a ripple among the wavesa goodbye smile attends the rest
Wake up today, Think of a day When u were not judged or made fun of There is always something wrong But you have to rise above
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