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HOOK: All but one that can make this complete, All but one that can solve this mystery. VERSE: The one piece I'm looking  for it might be happiness, love, or maybe trust.
HOOK: Obama wants a change. To have to world rearranged. Let's do this right. We can change during the day or night. We can change a person's life. VERSE: We can do this.
When I hear music, I head record players and old cassettes. I hear Meet The Beatles! humming softly in the background.
February 14th is a special day one where cupid comes our way and makes sure love doesn’t go astray   With his powerful dart,
    The first leaf of Autumn falls and slowly drifts away.          A chill runs through the air.          It now appears a new season is here to stay.  
You’ve listened to stories of Hallows Eve a night of scares and sweets The story you haven’t heard (some may think it’s quite absurd)
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