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Depression is not an emotion It is a disorder It is a mixture of a million undefinable feelings It is almost impossible to describe
And it was as if All of my dreams Were finally coming true And reality.. Reality was finally a thing to look forward to Fire began to burn In the pitts Of my stomach And im anxious
I have learned to love these curves As a rollercoaster to my body. The more curves, The more exciting, Because no one likes a ride, That only goes straight.   Glide your hands over the curves
The rise. The fall. The view above it all. Action and reaction that's the law. But what happens if there's nothing there to break the fall Or if we can't make it up the rise and we're left to crawl.
Death on the Thunderbolt Splashing kids, Soaking water, Fun for all, Excitement fills the air. Go cart racing,
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