summer love

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i just wanna write love songs about a specific person in mindinstead of just a conceptbecause concepts aren't warm or tangible Concepts don’t drive you home
Raving recognition increases terror
The way he held me made me realize That perhaps I was capable of feeling something like love.  Not the sappy, uniformed kind; some raw, passionate almost illegal sort of love. When he looked at me,
  It starts with a look, a gentle embrace A feeling of comfort as they sit face to face Her hand on his cheek, and his in her hair An arm across her back, just holding her there.  
Season Warm air Splashing, running, chilling Not a worry in the world Summer
I write to remember...
Past the midnight hour, Much closer to three Sat a young girl Pressed up against a glaring screen. It was summer time you see, The internet was calling her name. In the web of truthful lies,
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