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It's so cold here, is this what it's like, to know I'm done and through, imminent end in sight? ~ I can't see, feeling this tingle in my fingertips, Is this what it's like, to lose my grip? ~
For my first offspring im prepared to raise a prince So he dnt make the same mistakes I made ima give him hints Tell him you can achieve anything you want but remember that everything isn't for everyone
All my life, it's been a journey. A constant struggle up hill, against the constant tide that only seems to bring me further from shore.
She was born weak and fragile Son tiny and full of joy Ode to her starving soul   As she aged, became confused and mentally abused Always called ugly, stupid , dumb, and even worthless
I slip into a dream Every time I wake up Of happiness, sadness, Love, and lust. I look at the map, Take a glance at the sun, And follow the path. To God's glory I run. Sweet sapphire eyes
Even when everybody else falls,  I'll still be standing.  Even when the sun sets,  I'll still be shining,  Like the stars above  Or the glistening in the sea,  I'll shine bright 
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