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Darkness falls upon my face, As I walk I leave no trace My mind is glazed but awake I know my life is at stake I take one look to my right As a sailor clutches his gun tight Steadily we advance
We barley talk We never see each other You know my name But that’s all you’ve ever wondered You’re leaving town You may not ever come back You’re off to war And promises don’t work  
He stands tall and strong Was in battle for so long Kept family and friends in his heart Whom wept at the sight of his depart   Even when the news was rough He was always calm and tough
One last hug and kiss before you go. You walk away while my tears flow. I just want to grab you one last time. I know this hill is going to be tough to climb. I can't believe it's been over two months since you've left.
When im alone at homeI don't really know what to doBut all I want is to beWith you As I walk outsideIts cold and dark out hereI remember you so greatlyBut without you im so scared
A veteran stands strong and tall, They’ve risked their life, their friends, their all.   Some people may not agree with the war
I don't want to leave, yet But I can't stay I can see you crying, Tears fall down your face. Just remember I will come back home, that is a promise that I will not break.
The life of a soldier. Trillions are said to die each year. Yet billions of men and women gear up for combat each day. Fighting for the American soil; as well as the American people.
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