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Lines of green and purple When you’re so used to Seeing light But now in the dark  
You are the blood in my veins,  The only way I would let us part,  Is if I cut my skin and let you out.
A beauty it is To not be able to feel the emptiness That engulfs me--yes, beauty.    05.28.16 - N.N.
I wish the steam from the mirror would stay forever there So I no longer have to see myself See myself there, without you The one who cleaned the dust from that old furniture
A tree on stage watch me grow, but i guarantee not a sellout show.
You constantly remind me that I am not good enough not pretty enoughLeave me hung in your closet like the bastard child that only wanted to be lovedYou laugh and hiss telling me beauty is not skin deep
Walls whisper as tears hit soaked pillows, a loud voice from deep inside screams as hearts are racing.
Am I at fault for whom i've fallen in love with ?
Like a bird with a harmed wing,
 I define love for a purpose; as the passion of one heart for another in the hope of being loved in return.
Let eyes pass over me
This is a poem About Phil Gnome.
I was all alone
You stand there watching me, While I sit here thinking of you. This endless cycle with you in mind. One hopes this moment will last forever.   For once the cycle is broken you fall off.
He remembers neither my name,
No darkness,monsters, or ghouls instead light and smiles Noone to scare,hurt, or ridicule instead heal and give praise. It's fun and bright just as your first time at a amusement park innocent and young  with every moment. The harmonizing tune tha
Love is blind Love is free. Love is all that you want it to be.
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