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So... Why Do So MANY CHASE What People Call... FAME... ??? To Have Their Face Become A... “ Household Name “... !?! Or To Earn That Pay That Makes Others Say... ... "I wish I could be like them one day !"
So Who’s The HARDEST And Who’s The Smartest... ?!? And Who HITS Those TARGETS Where Profit Margins Get Careers STARTED... ?!? WITHOUT Having To BARGAIN Like A WINGLESS Starling... !!!
Now There Really AREN’T... So Many Who Can CLAIM That What They Create... Is TRULY ... FREE OF CONSTRAINT ... !!!
These Days I Have To Say... That When It Comes To Wordplay... That I Now Put To Page....
Do you know what it's like to open yourself up to the world....
Passionately I absorb you. Longingly I gasp for you. Persistently I kiss you. Your tides are cold when they enter my maw. And my heart is warm when you course in my blood.
I write because I fight with words. I write because when I write I can be heard when there's no one else to listen and nothing else to do, not a verb else. When I write my sentences are fragmented but my thoughts are complete. Through.
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