abstract thinking

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Poetry. Line        by           Line these words of mine are filling up the page   Deep meanings,  shallow phrases Nonsense of the mind   Poetry. You and me
My Thoughts drip and trickle onto a silver plate, As I try to contemplate their love and their hate. Soon it overflows and stains a White plush cloud, And when the wicked wind blows it rains onto the ground.  
I want you to take your mind mind out of this goddam art god damn picture from any graphics design including King Skipa's art blugred design and THINK! THINK not about what
There are regions of the brain that intimacy is disfiguring only for heartache to restore it   and during those hectic phases I think of being submerged in the Freedom from both
The sky ignites with cumulus miracles. Stratus embers emerge struck From a light Told to be the mighty plight. Now Ares' fire fights Armed with dawn colored wares
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