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See Poetry is a wonderful topic Its crazy how i can write down my feelings on paper With rhythm and rhyme Metaphors and similies I can be extra as i can but poetry is life Poetry is simple
Poetry,  wraps you up, holds you tight.  Grab a pencil, it'll be alright. Write your emotions down, into a story.  Let the words carry you away,  to a place of sweet dreams and peace. 
For me poetry isn't just simple words on paper Those knawing thoughts inside my mind I said to save for later Until one day I realized that no longer could I live
A perfect playlist.The spectrum of colors of a rainbow.The beautiful sound of rain on the roof.Waking up to birds singing outside.
My voice is choked and raspy, The words seem destroyed before spoken. So I turn to paper. I shouldn't have to turn to writings on paper  to release the feelings that claw so diligently at my insides.
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