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Blow blow thou winter wind Why hast thou viciously blinded Me thou hast been wicked Thou hast past my limit How could thou change climate
Is this the face that launch’d a thousand ships? Doth Helen envy likely grace within?My joy, thou should’st be sin; thy lovely lipsDo tender kiss my face and all therein;Be so the cause of shipwrecks in thy way
Upon the beating of my rebel heart Lies weight so heavy I can hardly breathe I cannot place the feeling, but I know That things are not as brilliant as they seem I know those words should come out of my soul
There is a land of radiance that shines
  Tonight I hear the thunder roaring loud. The lightning cracks above my head so proud.
I find that there is no pleasure truer Than playing trumpet alone in the sewer When that exasperating feeling comes I go there to rattle my tympanums  
Mysterious she lies in wait for him Dark hair that flows like evil in her soul Her eyes catch his and all his dreams go dim And red her passion glows but begs a toll  
Villus burnished chassis still so lush. Pulchritude soars bound for my sulfur soul. Sets fire inside to the abandoned brush, Waiting to fry sitting on beds of coals.   Yet these beds are only simmering skin,
Cold, green grass buried under bare feet, Shivering, squirming to get loose, to be free, Wiggling up between toes, afraid of being trapped. Rasping against skin, embedded into the bones
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