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A drop of poison Turns into bucket fulls Sinking Deep Into the ocean. Its deepest pits Caught slipping Silhouettes Of rocks Secrets And algae. Broken words and glass
The uneven rocks give this hill character.  Though storms may erode them they are still strong and beautiful. Etched into their being is lesson after lesson. Every curve tells a story. Ever changing. Ever growing.
In the midst of chaos stands a lone rock. This rock doesn't waver nor does it speak. It just sits there, before the fray and watches. Everything around the  rock, leans forward
take these mountains from my shoulders  roll them down into boulders     rub smooth these stones  they crush my fragile bones      take away the swirling sand  
amorphous grains of quartz piled high, tumbling, rolling together further degrading, microscopic rainbows, tiny magic gems. halite sprinkled in,
Beneath the surface of the Earth Within the geosphere The remains of another world Awaiting discovery in its million year slumber. The thrill, mystery, and satisfaction
And the whippoorwill twilled,  While over rocks water spilled, Green grass in the fields blew, And sweet lipped Mocking Birds o'er head flew. 
Walking on the rocks My feet close to The giant structures I felt a bond- a beauty.   Trekking through the rocks Watching life in stillness And little creatures creep & crawl
Someone helpCant get this year over with any fasterHow is any of this going to help me in the future?Opitimistically, these 4 years have flew byOh and I cant wait for college
The kids whin and sign But school is the best Not in all countries It's truly a gift We are blessed greatly Compared to the world  
You are a centerpiece, You are every art gallery. You are Lisa's Moan Panting under Leonardo's Brush, echoing through The marble halls of the Louvre. Your skin is felspar
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