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I could hear the wind, rustling through your veins, when you opened your mouth and the gnarled wings of a hummingbird fell out. I could taste the regret,
I am MONDAY, and I am here to tell you that   Dear, i m not that cruel..  just don’t compare me with your favourite friday. That hurts me all the way.    
Mondays suck. I'd rather pet a duck, Or maybe a lamb, 'Cuz they're so adorable, man.   You probably hate Mondays too, Enough to whack its inventor with a shoe.
Monday morning comes again                                              Dreadful As my eyes open, there sits a figure White as snow;                                             A kitten
I feel it, I sense it. It targets all my veins and reactions. My heart stops for a while and I can't breathe. I suddenly start to drop and watch as the Sun eclipse before my eyes. This is my pain. Can you feel it too ? 
The Alarm Clock Rings in your head Saying, “Please, go back to sleep,” While your memories Are still caught In yesterday.   A blank stare At The TV screen;
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