to you

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You would know, How ambitions can lead down two paths: Accuracy,  And Purgatory.   As I’ve said, let’s time travel.
There's a lot of thingsYou should do in life;Things that you can doFor someoneJust because of the words "I love you."I know where this goes,  
Now I've had a thought,  that every person has a story to tell.    So humor me for a moment,  and write yours down as well.    I'll pay it back full price you see,  and tell you mine in return, 
I know not your name or your face Nor you mine beyond the words on a page Yet it is my hope that one day you might call me a friend, an enemy, your sister, and even your lover.
Spring had sprung, I was on the run. Looking for something, Searching for someone. Your eyes met mine, Like the freeze of time. In that defining moment, I decided you'd be mine.
You make me laugh, You make me cry, You make me want to hate good bye. You make me love, You make me free, But most of all you make me me.
To you, Nothing more than a simple brown And then hidden behind those black rims you despise, Yet those are the only eyes that keep me on the ground. You hate going outside, And though I've abide to this,
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