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Pacing around in delicate circles, tracing the words that encompass the fire The inextinguishable flame that ignites the one desire driving me mad A beautiful and unforgivable dream
My career will take me to the grey moon Beyond Sun system; far, far from Earth, Yet here I am next door singing a tune Indoors, metaphorically giving birth:   To new landscapes and new stories to tell
The water trickles over the rocks,     I can almost hear         The faint rush of the water.             The paint glides across the canvas.                 With vigerous strokes,
A Cryptolinguist Someone who identifies and analyzes foreign languages Capable of saving many nations A translator Capable communicator Dual degrees in foreign languages and computer engineering
You sit, you wonder
One job that Would change my life Would have to be something Like a biomedical researcher.   Why a researcher? Because, if anything, I want to help others, Nothing more, nothing less.
All I ever wanted was freedom, to be my own person People have always asked me, "What do you want to do in the future?" It's a question that has followed me and haunted me my whole life
A dream job? Am I supposed to have one? Sure I've got a plan. But is it a dream? The plan is law school, Whether I like it or not. But I guess you could say, That my dream is Broadway.  
Jobs are an ordinary source of life containing spectacles and life changing oppertunities Jobs are intimate arrousing the state of mind to go straight foaward in a given point of time jobs are appart of us
Change is badly needed The televisions spread lies Everyday, violence repeated As another innocent victim dies   There is no reason To settle for what we do It seems every change of season
We enter this world ready to learn and grow, Each of us vulnerable to information we do not yet know. While some are blessed with strong bonds and foundations from the start,
At times like this i wish you were her to hold me and wipe away my tears. Tell me its ok to cry or its ok to lean on your shoulder. Hold me while we rock slowly to the music in the background.
Bite me like a snake I will stand still, I will not shake claw me like a bear
I am sand. I am sand on the shore of a beach. 
Day in, Day out. Old news, Old games. One hears, One listens, But only some Write.   Still beauty of nature in the cold, The rushing wind in the fast moving city.
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