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Why? Can you tell me why? My heart is crushed, sad, blue My heart and arms are aching To hold and be with you * I close my eyes and think of how You brought such joy to me
A heartbeat, broken A letter, unsent   She suffocates in sunshine. And rejoices in rain.   The world does not spin For a time Until she realizes  
 I don't know why you had to go
With one exhausted breath, I wondered as my body began to change/ With one exhausted breath, I smiled as I learned I had a new life to arrange
Eyes without vision:      the reflection unbearable. Life must take an intermission.      My undoing, irreparable. Conception - orgasms and smiles,      he made a pastime of your flesh.
Some days I wish I could see you again, but we both know our Time together passed much too fast. I still look at the pictures and I want you to know my Love still overflows to you.
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