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A secret is knowledge which only one person knows. You tell your best friend a secret in confidence. And your best friend tells his or her best friends about it. They also tell their best friends the information.
Drawing out my pains in Thursday morning when I've found my world Crashed and still bleeding, but I'm alright, I'm unscathed Or rather, my world has found me Chosen me today
there like a light never a light through while joy was the virus  flourishing inside of you. to access it out of will or live your life in cheat the heart created in love
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God I don't know how to pray I do'nt know what to do I don't know what I believe But I know I want to believe in you Please help me to believe Reveal yourself to me Show me
I step onto the stage ready to entertain, but people do not know Behind the curtain I left my shame. Fantasies are what they are seeing. What draws you into hell? Why do they bother hearing
Every day single, I fake my life Not in my morals, or my personality. What's fake are my emotions. The ones that I choose to show, but in reality it's this mask I choose to wear.
The universe where entropy increases, chaos is truth. I am the strong and the weak force which try to stabilize the inner elements of the heavens,
  Makeup is on
Someday you will see See that I was the one The one right by your side Right by your side when you were alone Alone with nobody caring about you The real you who you try to hide
I write to feel. And I write to dream. I send my words, to the knowledge stream. Through my words I speak And through my words I grow. If I did not write, you would not know.
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