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With her long ragged hair And chipped nail polish, She stood at the counter And scrubbed the dishes.   Low country music Was in the background And the dishwasher hummed
17 years of ballet never attended, toes bouncing, heels
Wrinkled but soft Aged and veiny Her hands have raised us Tonight they stir spaghetti, Hang wet clothes, Wash the dishes. And how beautiful they are.   It’s said to be heaven
Love is powerful. Love can fly you higher than dope. Love is beautiful.. And also a sign of hope. There's different types of love. Hopefully you can seperate.  
Vanilla cream curdles in blackberry tea; I didn't know. Dish soap suds, scented With childhood and artificial lemon, Sting my hands, Chapped, graceless. I shaved a sliver from my thumb with a paring knife
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