Pursuing dreams

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Dripping words Tongue in cheek You smile hyperboles You breath in Irony Spitting Grinding Regurgitating metaphors
Rings and spirals fill my sight, Coloring the empty space. Everything is glowing with and eerie light. Comets fly by in a dangerous race.
When you're young you develop dreams, but it's easy to expect a lot and think it'll come easy. In reality those dreams become the little things, and all the hard work causes you to get queasy.  
Poetry. It's a beautiful thing.                                                       From occupying a few sentences Providing an open canvas for wonderous thoughts,          To
I look in the mirror of this fiqure I thought I would realize a body that doesn't look familiar or has no disquise yet I see an apearance she talks like a alien and walks like one too
Screens and cables Mount all of our tables Locking us in to a world filled with possibility, Dreams and innovation Breed mental elevation Bringing us to a state of thought stability;
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