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Because I love you, I swallow your sins,
I swear  that little poem you wrote to me flew off the page  when I read it   I saw the truth    the words were flying all around me they sank into my skin  or melted 
When you're here it's never for long enough. I always forget the little things Like how amazing you are, how much you mean to me, and how you make me feel But also, How you're always late.  
I want to say I will never forget you The truth is  I probably won't I want to say I will never stop loving you  The truth is  I probably won't I want to say you will always mean the world to me
When you kissed me, It wasn't fireworks. Well, The first time it was Of course,  Because it was the very first time,  And with the very first kiss,  There's always fireworks.
Reality is fatal, but only a small percentage overdoses it can suck the life from you leave you tired, depressed an empty shell. So my hobbies are my drugs, my imagination my dealer
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