Shel Silverstein

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Dear Shel, Oh Shel.  I like to call you a friend. Because you and I, Yes you and I, Know where the sidewalk ends. It ends for some here, It ends for some there, But for you and I,
I saw you from a distance Your face familiar.  We spoke of love and loss  Mutual friendships.  The conversation got deeper The weather grew dim I saught refuge in your home 
Shel Silvestein insied poety into my life, Without those books I would be in strife. The poems he wrote filled me with joy, It wa almost like having a toy.   Shel Silverstein was funny and cool,
A mountain to space? What a wonderful place! Though the altitude is quite unbearable. A mountain to space brings a smile to my face when I begin to doubt the impossible.
I am sick I am tired I’m as bored as can be. My nose is so runny it could win a mile race. My eyes are so watery I’m going to need floodgates. My back is aching
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