work hard

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There are times when the only thing I want to do is give up, But for some reason, I have not fallen yet, For some reason, I stand tall and fight
America, once beautiful -  When will you appear as the stories say? With your ragged past, were you ever great? Perhaps achieving ‘great again’ is not the way.
Achieve everything in life, Don't let it die, Become what you want and don't give up you will get there eventually, push yourself to the right standards you can get it done right, practice and work hard everyday you will get better alright, You ca
This land of ours So grand and beautiful With trees, mountains, and flowers.  Never to be called dull. Yet, it is not perfect. There's violence, cruelty, and hate. Let me ask, is it worth it?
You open your eyes and see trees and sand. Where it is just water accompanying this piece of land. You know not of how you got to where you are. But you can already tell that home is so far.
What I want, is what I get Highschool went by without a sweat. Striving hard to become the best... But not at acing those awful tests Partying and friends was all I cared for Not those perfect SAT scores.
Work hard  to see improvement Work hard like your too determined Work hard to be better Work hard to receive better Work hard so you can climb that ladder to your destiny....
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