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it appears egon schiele loves women as much as i do. but he could never properly convey the curvature of your hips, the pink pout of your lips.  
Gazing was all I could do At that green light Just out of reach. Beauty to behold With the naked eye, But torrid pain To touch with intent. And why not? I ask. Why should one as I
Dreamer and a believer expecting that he always deserved much more But when he went under the guidance of Cody that’s when it was all explored Building his way to the top Party after party he never seemed to stop
Alone and abandoned, you could see it in her eyes There was nothing she could do but to just stand by his side Happy and joyful on the outside Because the sadness that she delt with was all kept inside
Ladies and Gentlemen, Sit in your seats, For you are about to read a great play, Of nothing but deceit: We push the people we don’t understand, We drown in our sorrows, Yet extend our helping hand,
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