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THE FUTURE IS BORN Bury the past behind, live the life of the current moment. Love the moment and cherish the present time, can only hope' for tomorrow but is uncertain.
vested in veins spreading like spider webs of blues of black they say rumors spread like wildfire  which is only true  because they engulf  homes and hearts 
If you were sitting in a room with the people closest to you, would you now how many you'd call a real friend? You know those who call just to check up?Would be the the first you call when something's wrong?Go out and turn up?You never doubt the b
A flaw is usually something someone else pointed out Pointed it out as nothing but negativity Something you should hide or change or even be ashamed   But every flaw I was blessed with I have used to my advantage
I watch anguish drag it’s grubby body to my toes, I am decidedly defenseless, and only my eyes grow wide As the gates in my chest close Crushing my heart and lungs in heavy encasement.
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