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What makes me feel good is the pathway to success. To apply for college and apply yourself to aquire knowledge, are the things that make me bounce. When blues begin to come, all I think about is what's to come.
Words cannot express  The joy I feel when I open my mouth to sing words with sultry sounds The serenade of emotion filling each verse Everytime I fill the room with a melody My heart is fulfilled
In times of uncertainty, in times of great urgency, Call a friend and tell him "Got an hour or two?" Ignorance is bliss, but company is bliss to. Grab a bite, or take a hike; whatever you choose
Blue's so sad a color, why? Look up to the azure sky. Imagine this in your mind, Very nice and very kind. Look up to the azure sky, Forever calm and always kind.
Remember when you were young and everything was…perfect? Ugh. The word stings both tongues and ears. Perfect…ha. There’s no such thing as “perfect.” It’s an idea, infectious and taunting.
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