better times

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The words I hold back, Are the qualities that you lack, You want me to be ther for you, But your why when you are so rude, I wanted you to be that man for me, but I was to blind to see, You had another woman in our bed, Enough said, You are a sold
Who knew what would happen when you meet someone it could turn into great things it could give you some great memories it could get you a new friend it could even get you someone you really like
Speak your words to me once more, my darling So prim, so proper, so rehearsed Appeasing, but unreachable Soothing to the ears, but unrelatable Why protect me, love? We all know I take as well as I dish
And its things like that which make me question: Why is it so soon and I’m already questioning. My gut is already right, I’m a Sagittarius.
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