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what I remember about you. Calloused toes perched on the edge of a rough wooden plank, goggles pulled tight against SPF-oiled skin. Untamable golden-brown curls submerged in Ozark waters.
Air hot like an oven- a sticky kind of hot. The terms "humid" and "muggy" to be used liberally   for the entire season.   The summer marked by   bags of Spitz and glasses of tea.
The ocean is too big for me A grain of sand on the shore The battle of the waves is all I see Rolling, curling, and more
Crowds going wild yet I'm laying in bed, People being murdered but I was snoaring they said, Cherries petals and whipcream all over the bed, Blood and bodies mangled, rest in peace to the dead
A sweltering hot summer’s day Clouds gather like a funeral procession And let down their tears Earth is cleansed as pelting sheets of drops flood empty streets Empty but for one bare-footed stranger
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