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The warm, wet, darkness envelopes my eyes, My breathing slows with each chest fall and rise. Sinking deeper and further into inky black sleep,
I watch from my seat as the crowd files in The widow and children sobbing with grief They knew the end was near, that you were sick, yet still it's a shock To the most important people you knew, I'm a stranger
We call you a hero not because of  your shiny hats, or your golden suits. We call you heroes because you watch the backs of all your recruits;
He’s on her mind each time he goes; those nights she lies awake.    She knows he may never come home.   A furious fire. Smoke pervades the night sky. Sirens scream, he runs in.  
I run into the smoky pit To fight the monster bit by bit Its fiery rage bears down on me But in the demon's eyes I see The weakness that he tries to hide Are the axe and hose at my side
The art of saving isn’t hard to master. Just a few months of training will do. Still,  The first death always feels like a disaster.   We spend countless hours studying and working,
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