hate crime

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The year I was born Was the same year Matthew Shepard was murdered The same year blood filled our televisions And anger burned our throats The year I was born was when everything changed
please help me  your suposed to be here for me why won't you talk to me i thought you loved me i thought you were supposed to be my boyfreind but you used me to make a girl jealous thats wrong
im gay so what im still the same person i was before stop judging me please i thought you was my friend i guess i was wrong now i have no friends because you hate me and my family hates me
In the year of still not our lord but better known as 2016 I celebrated I grieved and was introduced to a newer
He didn't even know me. he passed me by like a river's torrent smoothly, he grumbled, "Nice shirt FAG!"
Beautiful boy, why do you cry? Do you feel so alone even with friends in the sky? The moon and the stars bathe you in grace, Before the sun sends its rays to kiss your sweet face.
I am a girl who loves a girl And believes in the Bible too There’s a fight in my head It’s not a fight to the death It’s a fight to realize who Knows what it means to love. Man shall not lay with man
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