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We come from all walks of life, For some reason brought together here. Learning how to reach new heights, Learning how to cope with our fear. There's got to be purpose underlying it all,
Weauthors        are like aMagicians.       You see only                 what we put on        the page in frontof you, absorbed in that single 
Often seen,Beneath all tree,Green feather fallen here.GentlyLyingCaringCryingBeneath all tree,Green feather here.
The white feather drifted, lightly on the draft slowly spinning, circling   Landed in paint crimson lines bled up the shaft
Blink, and the delicate parachutes whistling             with white-spun dandelion seeds drift to form the rich parchment of             my thoughts,                         channeled  
Here I am, just a leaf, a feather Unchained and unchanged by the wind Sliding idly by. A dog barks, waiting for me To lift off the boy's bike where on his seat I recline He still notices me, waving my fingers to him
Not everyone understands the little blue feather, the amount of hope that feather can bring, it is more than just an accesory tucked in a hat, that little blue feather represents hope,
She is alive
I grew out my wings and flew to a new place, They said that's what they're for, so I sought out my space. A space for me to find my own- To color my feathers, To say that I've grown.  
  In the wind I flow, anywhere is where I will go. Oh-so, soft and slow.   Tell me who I am. I am fragile as a lamb, but mean as a ram.   In the wind I flow,
A feather floats by, Soft and warm. You feel warm arms, Around you once more. The soft caresses of the past.
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