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Raspberry perfumes the scent of my storeroom but see my money don't talk. Instead it shines holding me together in pressed fashion like milk does my milkshakes, as butter to a skillet,
Once upon a time on a hot summer day, the boys were being boys and the girls they played.Outside throwing frisbees, throwing footballs and the sound of jumping rope.A little black girl had a dry throat.As thirsty as can be she rushed in scurry lik
Trump became President and I got askedAre you proud to be American now?I never boasted that I was AmericanBut by the questioning of "now" and by the given smirk, I could tell that the answerWas decided for me
America the beautiful,With red, white, and blue,Welcoming to both me and you,A land of opportunity but for who?   Red blood stain the streets,With senseless violence and rubber bullets,Tear gas blinds your eyes, and you can no longer breath,For as
I will protest againt this insanity Speak up without enmity Even when they set their dogs loose Because I won't tolerate this abuse And we're not backing down I refuse to be led by a clown
oh, give me a home <br>where the buffalo roam <br>where the deer and the antelope play <br>where seldom may heard a discouraging word <br>and the skies are not cloudy all day <br><br>america, land of true libert
Live life without hindrance, please sir It is something taken for granted, all should have None of us truly do… not even you, do you defer? Might as well do it now, it is only gonna get worse  
Newton Connecticut this ones for you/ for all the lost families who struggled to see it through/ i pray to god that the angels be with you and this american tragedy/
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