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You say the shoes need filled By someone greater than I You think they are still too big Just like your ego—I mean the figment From which my imagination grew? But what you fail to notice
Enough. It's a word that describes something we can never have. It doesn't matter what it is. It could be friends, clothes, beauty, happiness, money and more.
I never feel rushed Or pushed
The apple rots when it very well pleases The seed just does what it’s told It grows and grows, the ground picks up the pieces Of the apple tree’s selfish mold.   There’s no free will for the sapling
Above the grave Below the sky Always far behind happiness In front of death During your journey, something went terribly wrong
I can't be pretty. I'll never be beautiful. I'll never matter. Take my hand and squeeze As hard as you can so I Won't feel my heart break.
It stares back at me Every imperfection exaggerated How can anyone see beyond It's practically screaming to be noticed Is it possible to remove this demon? Do I have the strength?
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