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Singing the melody of a song
Who's right? Who's wrong? We'll see in time the lyrical meaning of this song. Pissed off, confound. I'll show you who's getting hurt this time around.  
Sitting in a corner I hug my knees rocking back and forth as the walls close in on me. Four corners, four walls, they have been my home for an eternity. Every day I wait and hope for the day when the doors fly wide open.
We'll be here until the end of time, let's not leave love behind, let's be kind, clean the earth, make it shine, because our world is so fine, everything is beautiful, keep an open mind,
The night sings its lullaby as the dreamer falls asleep. She dreams of a sweet surprise, faster her heart seems to beat She wakes up to the glowing stars that are painted across the sky;
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