white privelege

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I was born into privilege and racism. Of this, I am not proud. The time is now to use my voice and scream out clear and loud.   The centuries of suffering, I wish I could take them all back.
Privilege? I’m sorry I seem to have forgotten what that word really means. You see it’s been forced in my ears and down my throat so many times I’ve become numb to its bitterness.
Curiosity becomes a whisper and questions remain unanswered WE are drowned in our own famine for knowledge.
I sit at your table and order a shake I am not hungry for anything, save justice. My stomach aches for an acknowledgement of my humanity an ounce of compassion
America, the land of the free to act out And always stay free
It is said to "not judge a book by its cover", Mama's advice. Yet I am judged. Justified by society and immense disparity.
Who are they to judge me? Who are they to conspire against me? The KKK, no shame, despising me and laughing in my face.
Looking down from heaven the angels sing Black men, white men let freedom ring From the north to the south to the east to the west To the rich to the poor to the wise to the blessed
Sometimes we go through tough times To expose peoples true sides Sometimes we go through calamity To bring together two or three to love and forgive To inspire and change And move past the here and now
There's no one keeping you down he says because the President is Black You don't need a scholarship for your melanin because the President is Black
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