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What piece to move next!Contemplating if I should pick the short route or the longer, more rewarding one Twisting into the middle of the board Where the candy castle lies  
Here I am.  An open book.
When I was youngI would sit silently in my seatAwait my turn to speak whether it was given to me or notAnd more often than notI said nothing
Before: I have never so alone I will let it get to me And I will never stay in the past But I will always be smiling
Tired of feeling caged, By pent up agrresion, and rage. Never would have thought I could fall so hard, Of course I never noticed the wild card. In her you saw something I lacked,
Life's a struggle, but I manage to stand on my feet for the ones that look up to me.
We go to school every day and see the friends we've made, As time runs the marathon we begin moving on  Youre18 now, responsabilities busting down yuor door The ressure and loneliness maks you feel absent, a ghost.
Warmth FallsFeelings FadeWhat you see, You see no moreConsumed in shadows of the pastDesperately wishing to break freeTo change...Just as the others haveFalse hope and Fraud love
The strength of a woman is her kindhearted ways that she forever displays. It’s her loving confident smile that takes you to the highest place with the glimpse of determination shone upon her face.
The strength of a man is his arms that protect you and keep you warm. It is his caring ways of the affection that he displays.
Yes, tis you that have cut me, my body, the wound, not yours. It is not my blood that I’m bleeding, but you. Every sharp inch, each dull thud of a heartbeat, footsteps on my threshold. Hold me again,
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