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I don’t remember exactly what I was doing. Exactly what made me stop. I remember the storm sending shivers through the walls The raucous thunder crashing through the skies like a marching band And the rain
It started as a gentle breeze,a whisper in my ear:the weeping of a weeping willow,weeping out of fear. 'Why do you weep, weeping willow?There is no reason to cry.'
  I’m living with this unholy farce Hidden so high away in the sky Where the birds soar Above our heads   Many maniacs have acted before me
My heart may be cold and still, It's only because I've gone for a little while to sleep. Althought you mourn and cry it is my will, Please, let your soul no longer weep.   
He haunts me. Like a ghost, my husband haunts me. The red-tailed hawks that cry out over head taunt me mercilessly. That was his favorite bird of prey. Cardinals that whistle and sing as the day wakes up
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