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I'm so tired Of tryingOf pretending everything is okOf being unloved But I can’t sleep foreverNot yet
How long should I hide? How many tears have I cried? How long 'til we die? So long, I have tried. I ask, oh God why? Why did I lie? Give up so much time? Flush away my pride?
Isolation of my soul brought out the worst in me The original justification for this was Ive been hurt before so why try again but once I got the taste of love on my toungue again
her lips part at the arduous notions of  stepmother bound to her trail of agony, shallowed dress keeping pace  with its tendrils attached to tressels of white lipped fingernails 
where do we fit?how can we squeeze?is there more to it or to the universe are we just a sneeze?   I often wonder how often other people pout on the pretty
So I insisted on writing a piece for her, The one person I have no words for,
So I insisted on writing a piece for her, The one person I have no words for,
  What if this time i'll lose   What if tomorrow dies    'What if' she said               BUT   What if this time i'll win   What if today is my day   'What if' she ASKED
I let a boy dictate my happiness. I let a boy wiggle his way into my heart. I let him rest along the softest parts.
I used to be here, Didn't we all. History shows, Powerful nations, Always fall. But we never worry, Never show fear.  Just shake our fists,  And drink a beer. No! Don't cry,
I was tangled around the spider web you’ve Been weaving throughout your life Messing around always keeping me down But then why did I want more?
On a sunny day, I would come out to play, Tag and hide and seek, For all my new friends to meet, The joy of running in the summer breeze, Is a day I will wish to seize,
So it begins I sit here behind the window of colors and letters composed into complex coils of golds, whites, reds and blacks. I contemplate to myself What now? My desire to create was stagnant in my mind
Remember the light remember the world? Remember the precious little girl? Do you remember the peace we had? Do you remember when we wearn't sad? Do you remember the beautiful blue skys?
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