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Into the Dust we fall; Our lungs void of air. As sweat beads down our brow, Our muscles ache for relief.   Into the Dust we fall, As our captors scrape us to our feet.
She’s my favorite of the five senses Sight, smell, sound, taste, touch   Her face scrunched up Grabbing at the pillows Grabbing at my hair
Pause in the mirror Stare into the heart attack waiting to happen  Smack flab lost in the caramel center  Drunken slurs slosh and slip from innards thrown outwards
Red. Redder than your flushed cheeks. Redder than the blood that pulsed through your veins. Red.   Red. Redder than your used lips. Redder than the marks that were scattered across your neck.
How beautiful to see A smile with no teeth Laughter from the trees Gentle chickadee
Poor little whore boy, You sit there in your office, Reviewing your files. Looking for your next case.
You're a bitch. You're a cunt. You're a fucking hobag slut. You're a motherfucker.  You're an ass. You're a motherfucking faggot.   I am kind. I am amazing. I am a worthy cause.
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