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Once again My heart has beaten into a fresh puddle of dawn The sun has licked my eyes awake  Chance sits on the other side of my front door. Outside, the grass waits for my toes
“Namaste, I say”   Tension in my shoulder,                 Strain upon my spine. Worries trapped in my brain, No time for cloud nine. So my skin gets colder…
Simple fickle peaceful minded With fire and angst motivation for days That's what it takes most days Days without her loving touch.  So the ground's been leveled in the orientation arena
I wake up to the sun rays filtering through my bamboo screens. I pause, drenched in the warm honey glow of an almost summer morning. I crawl, scramble in a generally awkward fashion,
three hearts beating out loud it speaks it listens  in the silent crowd hands interlock and we all meet in a circle where we quietly greet each other's rhythms beating as one
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