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perpetually tempted to pluck out the sole precocious beard hair. unruly, intertwined   upwardly in overgrown opposition. ritually, I tug and tamper with it,  
thumbs   running circles around each other   take a break from pulling heartstrings.   i graze your veins   feeling every jolt of electricity pulsing through them.  
If ever two were paired, then surely we.If ever surge were loved by protector, then thee;If ever charge were happy in a light,Compare with me a capacitor if you can I prize your dependency and executive powers,Or all the charge a transformer holds
Just came up from school When I pick my assignments Out from my bag To get things started.   The darkness strikes So I had gone turning on the lights. But I was shocked
Awakened long before the sun has begun to rise; A loyal servant of the people wipes the sleep from his eyes. Peeking out the window to see the hazard of the day;
Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla His brain was super large But, when your that smart  You threaten those in charge   He had many inventions That would make your mind bend
Electricity is key, Powering, lighting, advancing the world. I would want it with me, So my fingers would not be curled. The outdoors can get cold,
Everybody has a strength and a weakness in their life that they have to deal with as a blessing or a challenge. But the one thing that I think is important and absolutely need is shelter.
What death has become me? Concrete depths towards nothing. Consuming the delicious earth hallowed out by passege ways of metal and fire. Electricity Dirt and  Trash.
Some people say she was crazy, they think that she was out of her mind.She paid the price when she decided to use a power line for a clothes line.She thought that the electric current would dry the clothes faster.
Ideas Like thunderbolts Fall from the sky
there were pretty daises but the lights are all gone the sun’s on vacation the stars have seen a galaxy far more beautiful than ours they’ve gone on a journey   the light bulbs have burst
  I get up at six in the morning, to hear you go on and on, about shit that makes me start snoring. When the whole class fails a test you blame us, because teacher knows best.
I have an F but I'm not stupid. That online homework, I couldn't do it.  They all have laptops and phones with apps.  I have a job while my mom naps.  Impossible to learn at school. 
Thundercloud waters Tapdance across midnight webs Into my smartphone.
Giant anteaters dancing a tango Twirling and stomping to a strange beat; An old growth of ponderosa pine as their dance floor, With a trio off on the sidelines watching. Abandoned mansion on the shores of an island,
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