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Dear Mind,   Look at you a cacophony of noise. Constant yet... forever changing. A squall of color that finds solace in the lack of it,
She always allowed music to follow her around. She tapped out rhythms and be-bopped and scat. She crooned
I was happy. We were happy. I don't think you know, but I heard the gun. Now, I live alone in numbness.   The feeling consumes me; that's all there is. No peace. Just noise.
The world as perceived by the saddest of the sad is just a rusty radio Static Turned low, so's not to wake my neighbor. Too tired to turn it off too worn down to search for a signal. So, resigned, I sit
Static silence converges on my ears Stealing my sanctuary Refusing to let me rest in nothingness Why must there always be something, not nothing?
submerged deep within my thoughts lay a community of lies gathering and organizing to keep me from my prize
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