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When all things go down and from your head is taken the crown what you need to do is first calm down things are about to turn around.   Greatness is not how much you gain or how often you always aim.
Who am I today? Thoughtful, Smart, Unstopable Bubbly, Happy, Kind Irritated, Angry, Rude Who am I today? Am I a force of nature? Am I quiet? Am I talkative? Who am I today?
An ocean is a terribly complex beauty. 
Another nightmare into heaven Send a prayer to the devil Tell him I am no longer his minion No longer his prize
The wrath of wind, it comes and goes, The fear of men, no longer blows, The hunger of fire, it does devour, But all who give in, it will sour, The strength of water, cannot be matched,
The change it blows, across the sky. The wind it grows, as seasons die. Heralding might, with each new dawn. Winning the fight, through guise of calm.
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