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A curve of the lips, a crease in the eyes. A tug to the left, or the right.
When it comes to what I need, it starts with wood & some strings. To create a sound, unique frets, techniques for each note, creates a sound that just allows, the siren of rock and roll.  
On an island far away So, some music I will play Six strings and my hands Melody in the sands   Mood displayed in every note Mental songs that I have wrote Come alive with every strum
I see instruments singing, the noise of the universe,
The veins of my heart are pulled by strings. You are the puppeteer and my wires are now in knots.
Strings descend from open arms Encompassing my swelled wrists Love dwells like captivating charms But underneath, the string twists
I walk down the sidewalk, the trailway, the road. My feet move beneath me with no thought of where they are going. Desperately wanting for guidance but hating the strings attached, I wander aimless, unmoving.
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